Thursday, 06 August, 2020

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Could be better

At 8:30 am kickboxing yesterday, a woman I see at class quite often and I exchanged smiles and a “Hi, how are you today”.  My answer – “Awesome”. Her answer, “Could be better”.

“Could be better” is an “I am stuck” statement.

Try it – say out lout “Could be Better”.  Then, say out loud “I AM Awesome”.

What do you feel?  How do you feel?  Our words are truly powerful to create success or failure in our day and in our lives.  What we speak is really impactful.

We are living in a moment in time – this present moment.  Think about it – we really only have this exact moment in time. There is nothing we can physically do to change the past, and the future has not yet arrived.

But, we always have a choice of how we look at things (perception) and how we feel (self-awareness) and what we speak (self-expression).  What we speak creates our ability to shift our thinking to what our options may be, in this moment, to change our life experience to one that will better serve us.

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Personally, was I awesome at that moment in time?  No – not really.

I honestly woke feeling like I didn’t sleep and still forced myself to go to kickboxing class.  But, my “I AM awesome” answer was a way to get my brain in line to create an awesome day.

Every moment of our day we are filled with choices to create our best life experience.

It is in everyone’s power to listen to our words and to be aware of our emotions or feelings to change what we are experiencing.

I believe that it’s time to enjoy your life and that every moment of our day can feel like we are “at play”.  We just have to learn we have the option.

It is time to enjoy life.  It is TIME to Play <3


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