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How Family Movie Night Can Spark Conversations — pkrftw

How Family Movie Night Can Spark Conversations — Encourage Play

Lemonade Mouth is a movie about 5 kids from different backgrounds who meet in detention, form a band and eventually become friends in the process.

A lot of different themes emerge during this movie that could be a jumping off point for great conversations about topics like:

  • Friendship

    making new friends and new connections (finding common ground with others, creating a band, being vulnerable with others)

  • Change is hard

    starting a new school, new people in the family

  • Valuing sports vs. arts

    how the principal treats the sports kids vs. the arts kids

  • Bullying

    in the cafeteria, at the band’s gig at the pizza place

  • People’s viewpoints of you can change

    how other kids look at the members of the band before vs. after their first concert

When I teach social groups, I pause the movie at certain points to have a longer, more in depth discussions. You could do that, but the kids may not respond favorably to that.

In a home setting, you’ll have more success having a conversation at the end. You could start by simply saying, what did you think of that movie? You could then mention a scene or a theme that really struck you. “I loved when they…”  You could bring up a particular theme you wanted to discuss.

You don’t even have to have the conversation that night. It could be something you talk about later, over dinner or driving somewhere. Honestly, it may not be a long conversation, but you’re attempting to talk and have a conversation. You never know what can happen!

Here are a few movies I love for sparking conversations at family movie night:

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