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Indoor Rainy Day Activities For Kids — Encourage Play

I love when my kids can play outside. I try to get them outside every single day. However, the weather doesn’t always cooperate for outdoor fun. At those times when you are stuck inside the house for whatever reason, try some of these activities:

Pull out toys they haven’t seen in a while

I really like to rotate my kids toys. It keeps the upstairs less cluttered and makes it easier to clean up. They focus and play longer with the toys they haven’t seen in a while, which is awesome on days when you can’t go anywhere.

Invitation to create

Use what you have on hand; set it out and see what happens. You can group materials around a specific theme (like this springtime invitation to create) or just put out random materials that you have. It’s interesting to see what they can come up with and where their creativity takes them.  

Obstacle Course

When we were stuck in the house over the winter, we made obstacle courses through our first floor. We put up tents, we brought down mattresses and we even used the pillows on the couch. We’d rearrange our obstacle course after a few runs; it was great, busy, active fun.

Take out something new

Keep a stash of new coloring books or toys for those long endless days where you’re unable to go anywhere. I either check the dollar bins at Target or go to the Dollar Store and pick up 2 or 3 new items for each of them, and save them for our indoor days.

Activity Books

Try a puzzle or activity book. When I took out this Totally Amazing Brain- Bending Puzzle* book for my son, he was occupied with it for over an hour. He needed some help reading the directions, but he enjoyed it and we’ve gone back to use it several times.

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