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Playing With Cardboard Boxes – Inspired by Not A Box — pkrftw

Playing With Cardboard Boxes - Inspired by Not A Box — Encourage Play

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The summer we traveled to Toronto, we found a wonderful babysitter. She was an educator, and during the interview, she and I talked about how much the kids loved the library, but we wouldn’t be in town long enough to qualify for a card. The first night she babysat for us, she showed up with a bunch of books from the library that she took out on her own card. It was such a kind gesture, and the kids read and re-read all those books for the two weeks we had them.

The kids fell in love with Not a Stick. It’s a great book about imaginative play and using an ordinary item to pretend play. When we got back home, I decided to order that book, and then I discovered there’s Not a Box too! Since we love cardboard boxes so much, I thought this book would be perfect for us.

When the books arrived, I took some cardboard boxes out, and we read Not a Box together. I told them that these cardboard boxes were their “not-a-boxes” and waited to see what the kids would create. I also took out our cardboard connectors and Duct Tape.

My son said “I want to be like a ninja so no one can see me” and got into his right away. He asked for a bigger box so he would be more comfortable sitting in it. He said “I can have my own personal house right here!” inside the box. He asked me to cut an entryway to make it easier for him to get in and out of his new house.

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