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Proactive Self-Awareness to Eliminate Relationship Despair and Prevent Divorce


After reading an article published on health-dot-com about the 4 most common reasons for divorce, I wanted to reflect with on how I believe we can strengthen skills in awareness to potentially circumvent relationship breakdowns.

As I will discuss below, there is a bonus to providing people with otherwise hidden emotional intelligence skills.  These skills, which we are not born with, will work to benefit all types of relationships.  Unfortunately, too many of us learn communication and other skills that could help us live a less crisis-driven life from drama-filled people, family or situations.

My quest has been to proactively teach people awareness about these skills to help them create a tool box they can use in life situations and, subsequently, create a less crisis-driven life experience.

The article surveyed 2,371 recently divorced people asking them to comment as to why they split.  The primary reason they noted was they fell out of love with each other, with the 2nd reason noted to be communication issues, thirdly was lack of sympathy, respect, or trust, and noting displeasure about the former spouse’s behavior.

Of course, we can certainly decide we no longer like a person at some point, but if we learn empathy and can consider what another person is feeling, while having the skills to respond instead of react to a situation, we may prevent a tremendous and irreparable conflict.

I believe the relationship breakdown between spouses surveyed for this article is no different than other relationship conflicts where these people may interact, for example, other family members like their parents, children, siblings, or relationships with friends or co-workers.

I believe communication breakdown is the most detrimental issue as it relates to ANY relationship.  Not speaking about feelings or thoughts that are in your mind will create unnecessary conflict.

The skill sets of self-awareness, behavioral self control, empathy and communication would go a long way for every individual in creating lasting relationships.

I am certainly not saying that every relationship will be conflict-free, but I would say, with certainty, that these skill sets, which, again, we are not born with, would go a long way to foster relationships where people can compromise and respond to the needs of others.  All while creating the best scenario for themselves, as well.

Contact the Time to Play Foundation for more information about reducing relationship conflicts, workplace hostility, and learning how to build your own individual strengths.

I believe that it’s time to enjoy your life.

I believe that it is TIME to Play <3


Doreen Guma

Article:  The 4 Most Common Reasons for Divorce, According to Research 8/8/2019 –

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