Thursday, 06 August, 2020

Words are Just Words…. Or Are They

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I woke up today thinking about words.  Words can be powerful.

Words without further thoughts are just that. A passing statement, an empty promise, a wish to ourselves with the potential to be fulfilled, for example, “Someday I will travel to ____________”, or “Someday I would like to get a job as _____________”.

Words can be angry or detrimental. Remember the statement, “Can’t take back those words”, which, especially in our viral social media society, proves to be more than truth.

Words we speak or those silent words we think, can haunt us, retelling stories of the past and circumstances or scenarios we cannot change that we need to forgive, and let go, so we can move forward.

Words can tell a story of success, or can be loving, or helpful, or spread kindness.

Or they can just be words.

But nothing happens if we only speak things that are not attached to further thoughts, feelings and the motivation to act on those words.

That thought or spoken word can be the creation of something awesome.  And when more than one person joins together in the expansion of that thought or idea, solutions can be found and life quality for themselves and others can really expand.

We are awesomely powerful beings.  Our thoughts are a spark to those words, feelings and actions.

When you speak today, think about what you say or said and the possibilities that can be accomplished with further thoughts and action to follow through.

I believe every moment of our day can feel like we are at play – especially using our incredible creative power.

It is time to enjoy life.  It is time to play. <3


Doreen Guma

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